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Membership Dues
Become a Member
Exhibitor Fees
Pay for Conference
Boat Field Trip
We have seven payment options now
available for our membership and
conference activities.
MSTA Payments
1. Personal/School/Business check. Please mail checks to MSTA, AttentionTreasurer
P.O. Box 588
Poplarville, MS 39470
  1. Direct Deposit
Please set up through your bank. Contact MSTA Treasurer for information)
  1. School/Business Purchase Order
Please email a copy of the PO to or mail to MSTA Treasurer. An invoice will be sent for the PO after September 27, 2018, for payment.
  1. Shopify eCommerce
Please visit or MSTA website for credit card payment. There is a credit card service charged added.
  1. Direct Invoicing and Online or Mail Payment
Please contact the MSTA Treasurer if your school or business needs a direct invoice before a purchase order or payment can be arranged.
For more information, contact:
Melinda Miller
  1. Point Of Sale Terminal
Onsite credit cards transactions will be accepted at MSTA registration, CEUs, and sales booth . There is a credit card service charge added.
  1. Cash/Money Orders
Please DO NOT mail cash. Money orders are accepted made out to MSTA.