Sheila Smith
Donna Roberts
Kelle Sumrall
Shani Bourn
Subjects Taught: Biology,Zoology, Marine/Aquatic Science, DC Environmental
Science, AP Biology, Adjunct Principles of Biology and Enviromental Science
School: Hancock High, Kiln MS and adjunct for PRCC and Bryan College, TN
Educational Philosophy: Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

Shani is National Board Certified in biology and has been teaching for 24 years.
Bess Moffat
Subjects Taught: Retired-25 years at Pascagoula High School,
10 years at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College-JC Campus
School: All levels high school sciences, at MGCCC-Biology,
Marine Biology, Physical Science

We would like to provide science educators a means to enhance science education for all levels in Mississippi by providing leadership, support, networking
and professional development opportunities.
Melinda Miller
Subjects Taught: General Biology I and Human A&P I and II
School: Pearl River Community College
Educational Philosophy: "Learning is a treasure which accompanies its owner
everywhere" Chinese Proverb
Cindy Alsworth
Dr. Bill Scott
Subjects Taught: General and Organic Chemistry
School: Rust College
Educational Philosophy: All knowledge is part of a continum and as such all
teaching/learning activities should be interdisciplinary
Michelle Baragona

I am currently the Vice President of Instruction at Northeast Mississippi Community College.
Before I “turned to the dark side”, I was an anatomy and physiology teacher who enjoyed
guiding and challenging students to do their best. After completing my doctorate in
Curriculum & Instruction in Science Education from the University of Mississippi,
I discovered my passion for helping other teachers find ways to engage students
in their classrooms.

As technology became more mobile, I looked for ways to incorporate the iPad into my classroom and soon became an Apple Academy graduate. This further fueled my drive to help other instructors excel in encouraging students to gain a deeper understanding in their courses. I became a regular presenter at local Appy Hours and NEMCC’s Mobile Learning Conference.

I have a master’s degree in Molecular Biology from Southern Miss and a bachelor’s in Animal Biology from Louisiana Tech. I’ve been teaching at NEMCC for sixteen years and love what I do.
Jessica Johnson
Subjects Taught: 6-8th Grade Science & Biology
School: Porter Middle/Canton High School

B.A. in Psychology, Minor in Chemistry from Millsaps College Pre- Me
M.Ed from Mississippi College
Works with MSU-CAVS Robotics Program for Middle School as an Instructor
Instructor for Upward Bound at JSU (High School Physics & Chemistry)
Science Fair Coordinator
Porter Middle School Head Girls Basketball Coach
Science Club Sponsor
Married with two beautiful babies: Jordin and TJ
Denise Thibodeaux
Heather Sullivan
Bobby Robinson
Subject Taught: 8th Grade Integrated Science
School: Olde Towne Middle School
Educational Philosophy: Every child can be successful with the right tools.
I'm changing the world, one student at a time. The small things we do today
will determine our tomorrow. Dare to dream...and dream big!
Dr. John Wiginton
Subjects Taught: Chemistry (Intro, General, and Organic)
School: University of Mississippi
Educational Philosophy: No matter what the discipline, learning "science" is as
simple as learning another language -- all it takes is takes is someone to talk to and LOTS
of practice.

Navy Submarine Vet; Space Shuttle Challenger Recovery Team Member (Submarine NR-1)
Dr. Angela Bedenbaugh
Dr. Burnette Hamil
Brandi Herrington
Subject Taught: General Science
Educational Philosophy: Every child and teacher comes to me with a tool belt. It's up to me
to provide a multitude of different tools he or she needs.
Dr. Joe Sumrall
Subject Taught: Science Education at the Undergraduate and
Graduate Levels
School: University of Mississippi
Educational Philosophy: I have always made it a focus to motivate
students to want to learn about science.
Carl Dewitt
Subject Taught: Physics
School: Hinds Community College
Educational Philosophy: I help students develop tools that they can use
to inquire about the world around them.
Deborah Duncan
Subjects Taught: Chemistry, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics
School: Neshoba Central High School
Educational Philosophy: I believe in being "The guide on the side not the sage on the stage."

I am the MSTA Newsletter editor. Please send me any news you would like to share
with the science teachers of Mississippi.

Sherry S. Herron Ph.D.
Subjects Taught: Biology and Science Education
School: University of Southern Mississippi
Educational Philosophy: My students experience the techniques of biological research
in order to help them understand that science is not a collection of facts handed down
over the centuries, but rather a continuous process of discover and exploration of
natural phenomena and subsequent explanations through peer-reviewed processes.
I am fortunate in that I have experienced being a teacher at all secondary and post-secondary
levels, and in both private and public institutions. As Director of the Center for Science and
Mathematics Education at USM, I now have the great honor and privilege of being able to
devote my career to the education of pre-service and in-service educators.
Jane Lusk
Adrine Williams
Debbie Raddin
Districts Coordinator and CEUs
Immediate Past President, District C
Coordinator, Science Matter and T-Shirts
Dr. Betsy Sullivan
Convention Planner, Executive Officer and
Long Range Goals
District A Representative
District B Representative
District C Representative
Assistant Executive Officer, Long Range Goals
and Receptions

Subjects Taught: Retired Science Educator
School: Science Consultant (K-12)
Educational Philosophy: All children can learn and have a right to a quality education.
e-Communications Coordinator, Website, Membership, and Program Coordinator
MSTA Newsletter Editor
District E Representative
District F Representative & Sales Coordinator
College and University Representative
College & University Representative and AV Coordinator
District D Representatives and Public Relations
Elizabeth Prewitt
Chantelle Herchenhahn
Twitter: @sciencerocksLMS
Subject: 7th Grade Social Studies, 2nd Special Education, Science and Math Methods,
Educational Psychology, 6th Grade Science
School: Lafayette Middle School
NSTA - Research in Science Education Committee Member
"You're living, You occupy space, and You have mass - You know what that means? You matter."
Middle School Representative
Industry Representative and Receptions
Informal Education Representative
Independent School Representative
High School Representative and Share-a-thon
Registrar and Community Colleges Representative
CEU Coordinator, Science Matters and Legislative Representative
Conference Evaluation, Pre-Teacher Outreach and
Professional Liason
Internet Competitions and Professional Liason
Science Competitions Coordinator
Exhibitor Chairman
Member Emeritus Coordinator
Subjects Taught: Biological Sciences and Science Methods Courses
School: Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs as well as Chair of the
Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Professor of Biology
Blue Mountain College Educational Philosophy: Learning is a lifelong endeavor
for both teachers and students and, as teachers, we should try to instill
a love of learning in
our students.
Subjects Taught: Physics and Physical science
School: Mississippi Delta Community College
Educational Philosophy: I believe that every person can learn. As a teacher,
my job is to search for a way to help each student reach the potential God has
given them. The most rewarding experience for me is when a student who has struggled
begins to understand.
Subjects Taught: Gifted Education, Grades 2 - 5
School: Pecan Park Elementary, Jackson Public School District
Educational Philosophy: Research has shown that for a person to enter a science-related
career, an interest in science must be sparked by the fifth grade. My desire is to ignite
that spark in my students.

NSTA Preschool-Elementary Division Director
Peggy Carlisle
Elementary Representative and Awards Coordinator
Ann Huber
MSTA President
Johnny Mattox
Subjects Taught: Microbiology, General Biology I & II, Zoology,
Anatomy & Physiology I
School: Miss. Delta Community College
Educational Philosophy: Science should be viewed not as memorizing facts, but as
connections and realtionships which allow the student to become an independent
Dr. John Ammons
Scholarships and AV
Anne Huber
Subjects Taught: Biological Sciences and Science Methods Courses
School: University of Mississippi
Educational Philosophy: As an educator, I believe that it is my responsibility to instill
students with the skills and knowledge that will help them to become future productive
members of society. I believe that teaching should be student-centered,
purposeful and reflective.
Subjects Taught: 4th and 5th grade Science
School: Jackson Public Schools- Baker Elementary Schools
Educational Philosophy: It is my belief that my daily interaction with
academics, coupled with my unwavering passion for educating young minds,
will have a tremendous impact on the leading scientists of tomorrow, and this
will continue to be my driving force in years ahead.
Kelle Summrall also does Awards.