The OtisAllen Scholarship for professional growth and development is to be awarded annually. The award was established in memory of the late Otis Allen who is considered the organizational founder of the Delta Science Teachers Association which in turn led to the organization known today as the Mississippi Science Teachers Association.

The scholarship consists of two $800.00 awards to be used to offset the cost of attending the NSTA National convention and two $350.00 awards to be used to offset the cost of attending the NSTA Regional convention.

2. Requests must be received two months prior to the national convention or regional meeting to be attended.

3. A person may receive a scholarship once in three to five years.

4. Earliest application received will receive first consideration.

5. Each recipient will receive scholarship monies as partial expense reimbursement after submitting a copy of their registration and a letter signed by his/her principal stating that the recipient attended the meeting.

To request a scholarship application, contact the chairman of the scholarship committee. Send the request to the following: Dr. John Ammons, 209 E. Gresham St., Indianola, MS 38751, Email: jammons@msdelta.edu or jammons53@hotmail.com
The R. C. Roberts Fund was initiated to honor Mr. Roberts, a long-time science supervisor in the Mississippi Department of Education and assist teachers in developing outdoor classrooms, nature centers, or nature trails at their respective schools. Maximum funding that can be obtained by one teacher from one school at a particular time is $100. Applications for funding must show that additional funds from sources other than R. C. Roberts have been obtained to support the proposed project. This may be “in kind” support as well as monetary. Individuals who receive support from the R. C. Roberts Funds may apply for additional funding provided a period of three years has elapsed since the original funding was granted. Guidelines for the R. C.

Roberts Fund Individuals interested in applying for funding should get an application form the Newsletter or request an application form from the Executive Officer or President of the Mississippi Science Teachers’ Association. The completed application must be attached to the proposal and returned to the Executive Officer. The Executive Officer will assemble a committee of at least three individuals involved in science education who will examine the proposal and recommend funding status. The decision of the review committee to fund or reject the proposal is final.
R.C. Roberts Grant
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